How to Know If You're Addicted to Facebook

Facebook is a probably the largest and most addicting social networking site on the web. Like any mode of virtual communication, it’s easy to become addicted to it. Uncover the danger signs. How does one know when the line between harmless virtual social interaction and a debilitating addiction to false modes of communication has been crossed?

Facebook appeals to multiple ages and a range of activities. People enjoy posting their pictures and videos on it, discussing their daily plans and playing games or taking quizzes through this forum. However, such sites can consume a vital part of one’s existence to the point that real life loses its flavour. If you suffer from any of these 5 signs, there is a great chance you are also affected by Facebook addiction and you should take a closer look at your surfing habits to see what you can do about them. Top ten sings You Are Addicted to Facebook

  • The most important thing on your mind is to decide each day what to have on your mind that sounds kool.
  • Facebook has placed a three day hold on your new posts.
  • You have been reminded by more than one person that they don’t want to know what you do every morning between the time you wake up and the time you step out of the house.
  • More people on Facebook have blocked you as a friend then added you.
  • Your status is changing not one, not two but five times a day.
  • You stop talking to people who haven’t joined Facebook yet.
  • Your favourite fan pages also include Chukee Cheese, Ethopian Airlines and Utility Stores Pakistan.
  • Your friends list is over 1,000 and that includes your postman and your bank teller.
  • Every event in yours and your children’s life is tagged.
  • Instead of watching TV or reading newspapers, your friends log on to your Facebook page to get the news.


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