Publicity Stunts

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Previously, when a celebrity saw the camera panning away, s/he would do something to regain the focus.

Some  would try to commit suicide.  The famous ‘wrist slashing’.  Some would announce an engagement to some mega celebrity. Some would  get in a car accident, get sick, make an idiotic statement, join a religious cult, in short, they would do anything to get attention.

Today it’s the “I’m Gay!”

Uh huh.

Here’s someone who was clearly gay/lesbian  at the height of fame and it would have meant something to the community if this ‘star’  would have admitted it when asked.  But s/he didn’t. They gave that incredulous look, laughed,  “Me, Gay?”  and slapped it away.

When their career begins to slip, as they pass into oblivion, suddenly they begin shrieking;
“I’m Gay! I always was this way!”


When Kelly McGillis was in Top Gun, when Ricky Martin had the number one single, when Queen Latifah was in Chicago,  they could have ‘stood up’  for ‘who they were.’   But they didn’t. Now that no remembers Kelly McGillis, nor has heard a Ricky Martin song (or a Queen Latifah) for years, they fight to be the first to come out.

In the 80s one could probably make a case that admitting homosexuality was career death. But in the 2000s? 

What is it? Shame? Monetary value? That has a celeb deny who s/he is when on the mountain top, but admit it when in the valley? 

I think it is called a publicity stunt.


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