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All the free paid surveys and PayPal information you need is to be found in this article. You no longer have to depend entirely on your post office box or your mail if you read everything in the next three paragraphs as they tell you why you should embrace payments this way. You may think that the difference in payment is minimal, but wait until you hear what I have to say about getting money from free paid surveys in the form of a PayPal payment.

Truth be told, it’s how much you expect back from it that determines the entire process. Could it be you believe that the website you are on and the form of payment being offered would have no effect at all on how much you are able to make from them? You’d only be hurting yourself to work with those assumptions.

The simplest it way it can be explained is that the larger PayPal websites and their free paid surveys are often a lot more generous their check paying counterparts. I promise there are no lies in my words, even though this may all seem stupid and a farce. My experiences tell me it is true.

You see, when a website has to give out a lot of checks, they have a lot of money to make up. To begin with, a lot of time and money has to be devoted to dealing with banks and so on. Following that, someone would have to be employed to manage the checks and envelopes. Oh yeah, one more thing. There is the issue of the stamps that have to go with the mails too. Adding all of these up certainly means something.

They take it all back out of your money by offering you less for every survey they hand out to you. However tough you may find it, it’s the truth. This is why I always, always look for free paid surveys that give me my money through PayPal. The websites that offer it have way less overhead, because everything is digital. It’s all done on the net. You do free paid surveys for them, and they pay you through PayPal without incurring much overhead cost.


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