What is The Matter With Society Today?

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For many years, we have followed the traditions passed down to us by society, and for many years, they seemed to serve us well. But, in the last few decades, tradition has been cast off in society, in a way not seen at any other time history.

In the sixties the hippy movement made a big statement, that it was alright to just do whatever you wanted and not care about the consequences unless you were directly hurtingsomebody. Then, by the time the seventies happened, punks were of the philosophy that you could do whatever you wanted in a society even if you were hurting somebody.

Now sure, there have always been people like that through the history of society, like thugs and criminals, pirates and vikings, but we are talking about a major shift in the thinking of the majority of people’s minds in that generation.

Times have been harder in history before surely, and society as a whole have been tougher and crueler at different times, but society has never beenall packed in together, by the millions.

The simple number of people in society today, who show such anti social thinking, hatred and violent behavior, coupled with the higher standard of education and technology today, could lead to one of these psychotic men or women not just shooting up a mall, but destroying all life on Earth.

Sound unlikely? There are many weapons of mass destruction that if unleashed in the right way could destroy us all. Terrorists and governments are experimenting with these biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, for intended use in warfare, all over the world.

This is the first time in the history of society where someone with a strong enough will and lots of money could actually destroy us all, even by accident. Now I know that’s being slightly alarmist, but nevertheless, it has been a growing possibility since world war two. When world war three happens, it may not be a war at all, but a mass extinction.

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