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When i was 12 years old i started making lots of animations. My mum helped me set up a website for some of them i made. joesproductions.tk   I Loved and i mean loved making little animations. I asked my mum “would i be able to be an animator when i am older?” She said “Of course you will be able to, you just need to work hard in school.”

So then i was really happy because i would be able to follow my dream to be a animator. One night i went on to youtube to look at the animator videos. I saw nearly all of them had a touch screen gadget so they could draw on the screen then play it back. I got lot’s of good new ideas of them. I went to my mum and said “mum, why do all the animators have touch screen gadgets” my mum said “they have them because they are animators and it is easier for them to draw on the screen then play it back to them” But i said back “can i have one?” But my mum said “Darling, they cost over $10,000” i JUst walked away ran up to my computer and typed in google cheap touch screen gadgets.

It came up on ebay, a touch screen computer, i was thinking what was mum on about? the price was only $245

i shouted for her to come up. she came up and looked on my computer screen. I said “mum, look, it is only $245” My mum looked at me, he said to me “i will get one someday”. i just looked at her.

The next day i was setting of to school, my mum gave me a kiss and said “see you later!” i said “bye”, then i set off to school.

5 hours later i came back home and my mum was sitting on the sofa with a big smile on her face. she said “welcome home, i have a suprise for you”. I put all my things down and sat down next to her, she said “this is for you!” she gave a massive box over to me. she said “open it!” i slowly started to open it and i found it was a touch screen computer! i put it on the floor and shouted “Oh My Gosh!, Thankyou So much MUM!!”

In the end i got all the things i needed to be an animator. in the end i became an animator, thanks to my mum 🙂 


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