10 Setup Tactics to Get Your Home-Based Business Off to a Good Start

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Here are 10 tactics that I have used to start my online businesses and I am sure they will help you get off to a good start:

1. Check your attitude. A key element in business success is the attitude you have towards it. The reason why this is so important is because your attitude manifests through your business. If you take your business serious then your prospects will too, but if you don’t take it serious don’t be surprised if others don’t. A professional attitude is also going to be necessary to see your business through to success.

2. Describe your business concisely. You should be able to describe your business concisely like it’s first nature. If you can’t do this then you will definitley want to wait on promoting your business until you become stronger in this area. Because as a business professional you have to know your craft and if you hesitate or stumble when telling your prospects what your business is all about its not going to give a good first impression and the prospect is not going to have confidence in what you are saying.

3. You have to know your products or services. When you go into business for yourself you don’t have any scripts to read from or any information handed down to you from an employer. It’s just you, and that means that you are the one responsible for know your products or services inside and out. Regardless of your business type, people are going to ask all kinds of questions you that you need to be prepared for, expect you to be able to show them the benefits, and provide top notch customer service. How are you going to do all of that if you don’t know your product?

4. Purchase a domain name and hosting. Even if you plan on having a physical home-based business it is absolutely necessary that your business has a website. And I am not talking about those free websites either. Now if you don’t have much to work with and you can’t purchase a domain and hosting then that’s when you use the free websites. But if you can afford it, you want a professional website on your own domain because you will find that your traffic response will be much better.

5. Points of contact. Now days there are various ways that an interested prospect can contact your for business but you have to make sure that you have them available. Some points of contact that you put into place may include a business phone number, a fax number, an email address, or even access to social networking profiles. You want to create as many points of contact as you possibly can so that you give your prospects a variety of options and allow then to contact you how ever it is conveninent for you.

6. Decide on how you are going to process payments. One of the great things about the Internet is that it provides you with the ability to accept payments online for your business. Now if you are interested in something like this then take a look at a free processor such as PayPal or AlertPay. Now if you don’t want to process payments online then you will need to look into getting a merchant account that allows you to accept credit cards. It is important that you have a way to accept credit cards because a lot of people prefer that method and you won’t want to turn money away.

7. Make sure your computer has the proper protection. Now days there are thousands of computer viruses born each day and you want to make sure you are protecting your hardware. But not only that you need to make sure that you are protecting any confidential information belonging to your customers as well as any business files. It helps if you invest in an external hard drive that you can use to save your important files in case anything should happen to your computer.

8. Create a good work environment for yourself. Now I know working from home can be quite comfortable, but it helps if you designate a specific room for running your business. It should be a room that has a door and can be closed off of the rest of the house so that you can eliminate unecessary distractions. This is also important when it comes tax time because you want to be able to take advantage of all the tax deductions that you can. And when creating this environment make sure it is well organized and full of all the things that you are going to need to function.

9. Execute good record keeping habits. Good record keeping habits is going to be an absolute must in running a business of your own. And this means everything from your customers information to all of your business information. It helps if you put together a good electronic filing system on your external hard drive where you can keep and manage everything properly. But if you like to do things the old fashion way and use a paper system then that works too.

10. Create a schedule that you can stick to. When you have a home-based business it can be hard to juggle work and family time, but you have to find a compromise. You don’t want to end  up neglecting either of the two so put together a good schedule where you can maintain both.

Latoya J. Hackett is a “serial entrepreneur” that has been making a living 100% online since 2005. She owns multiple Internet based businesses that allow her to work her own schedule, enjoy spending more time with her family, and give her the flexibility to work from literally anywhere. She enjoys the freedom of working in her pajamas, being able to travel without restrictions, and being able to get out and enjoy life.

If you would like free tips and techniques for making money online you can join her at The Entrepreneur Diva with a Business Attitude


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