How Well You Know About Departures And Arrivals at The Airport?

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What does the flight means here? When you go into or travel on the airplane, we call it a flight. Before we learn what a flight number is, now we talk about which kind of flight you have. Usually, there are two types of flight; that is a domestic and international flight. Domestic is the flight within the same country; international is the flight to another country.

When are in the airport, you will see the signs for domestic flight and international flight. You need to know it when you go to the airport because sometimes you go into an international flight or domestic flight; there are different parts of the airport. These parts are terminals or normally a large building, two or three building of which are depending on the size of the airport is.

In Europe where there are several customs, there are also different flights; for example, flight to EU countries. When your flight is domestic within your country, you do not need to do any customs; you just go through security and get on the plane; and when you land, everything is pretty easy but international is so different, a little more tricky as you have to go through customs check. Or in North America, there might have international divided into flights within Canada, America, Mexico and then overseas flights to Asia or Europe which would be in different terminals-terminal one, terminal two or they might have names. For example, if you fly somewhere for holidays and somebody who comes to pick you up or meet you at the airport might ask you which terminal you fly into or come into.

We have learned about domestic, international flight and terminal. How about the word “airline”?  A company that has flights or planes and takes people to different cities, we call it an airline. There are a lot of airlines around the world. In Vietnam, we have Vietnam Airline; in America, we have America Airline; Air Canada from Canada, etc.    Last but not least, that is the two different parts of airport-arrivals and departures. An arrival is the part of terminal where people who are flying in come into. For example, when you are flying from Changi and landing at Tan Son Nhat airport, your family will be at arrivals section to pick you up. And if you are leaving or flying out, you would go to the departures section. Showing up at the airport, you will see signs everywhere. The taxi driver might not need to talk to you about this; except the airport has different levels or different floors for these. This is very important because you know where you ask the taxi driver to drop you off whenever you are at the airport.

A final word is that I hope you find this information useful to you as you are a newbie to the airport. You will be able to identify what a domestic flight is and international flight is.  As well, you will understand the differences between departures and arrivals section.


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