The Real World New Orleans 2010,episode 6:cops & Urine

On the Real World New Orleans 2010, Episode 6, the cops are called and Jemmye’s mom gets close to Knight.

The House is Bugged

The cast of the Real World New Orleans 2010 are not very clean and as a result, the house is infested with cockroaches.  It takes 4 cast members to kill one cockroach. Although Knight did end up killing it, he acted like a sissy. Preston puts a dead cockroach under Ryan’s pillow to scare him, but the other cast members make him throw it in the trash before we get to see Ryan’s reaction.

Toothbrush in the Toilet

Ryan asks Eric if he knows who has been messing around with his toothbrush and Eric caves and tells him that Preston has been using it to clean the toilet. Ryan is furious and gets Preston’s favorite beanie and tosses it in the trash, and then he goes outside to wait for Preston so he can fight him.

Preston arrives home and Ryan confronts him in the middle of the street. Preston admits to the toothbrush in the toilet incident and Ryan starts screaming while Preston remains cool and collected. In the end, Ryan does not hit Preston, probably because the neighbors are all watching. Knight jokes around that he has seen girls fight harder.

Jemmye’s Mom

Jemmye’s mom and Knight have been talking to each other over the phone and Knight has been making dirty jokes, which is a little weird to do with your girlfriend’s mother, but she goes along with it. Jemmye’s mom is going to come to the house for a visit.

Urine, Toothbrushes, and the Police

Knight informs Ryan that Preston has been urinating on his toothbrush, which starts a big fight all over again, but Ryan once again is all bark and no bite. However, Ryan ends up calling the police to press charges for the peeing on the toothbrush incident. The police show up at the house and Preston is taking a nap. The police wake him up to get a statement from him and he is so upset about the cops being called that he makes up a story that Ryan called him a nasty slur. Preston doesn’t tell the police whether he did it or not and Ryan doesn’t tell them that he rubbed his bottom on Preston’s cigarettes. The police ask Preston to come to the station, but he refuses. Ryan goes to the police station to give an official statement and files charges. The police come back to the house and give Preston a stern warning.

Sahar Sings for Musician

Sahar and the girls go watch the Theresa Andersson, a local musician. They get to meet Theresa afterwards and Sahar gives out her e-mail address and explains she is looking for some guidance and direction. Theresa sends Sahar an e-mail the very next day and asks Sahar to come over to her house. At her house, Sahar sings for her and Theresa is quite impressed.

Jemmye’s Mom Flirts with Knight

Jemmye’s mom arrives at the house. Jemmye and Knight were going to pick her up from the airport, but she comes early and shows up at the house.  The duo take Jemmye’s mom for drinks and a ride in a carriage. Later that night, the pair cuddle and Jemmye’s mom jokes that Knight is getting too close to her little girl. Knight asks Jemmye’s mom to come over and cuddle too, and comments about him touching her breasts.

Ryan Gives Preston a Massage

Ryan talks to Preston about breakfast and hugs him, then massages his shoulders. After Ryan leaves the room, Preston tells Jemmye that he is waiting for a knife in the back.


The cast goes to volunteer at a homeless shelter. Their job is to cook hamburgers and surprisingly, they all get along. Preston apologizes to Ryan and tells him he will buy him a new toothbrush. Not sure how he will do that because Preston doesn’t know that Ryan threw his debit card out of the window. Preston is desperately searching for his missing beanie.

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