Seo is For The Birds

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SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of constructing a site in such a way that a search engine like Google will decide to rate it highly in a given search, hopefully on the first page of results, but there are new algorithms being written into Google just about every other day, so what you find on the internet, (including this article), may no longer be relevant, and it may even harm the rating of your article or site if you follow those SEO techniques.

For a long time, the amount of links that a site had leading to it was the most important factor in a Google search, (next to a relevant title), but when spammers started to make a ridiculous number of automatic links to their own sites, Google wrote in an algorithm to prevent low quality links from producing a boost in the Google rating of that site.

There is only one sure-fire way to get an article on the first page of a Google search, and that is to just keep writing, about lots of different things, using lots of different keyword and linking strategies. A good deal of the Google rating for your articles will depend on how regularly your site is updated. If you write ten articles a day, you will surely be doing better than a guy who writes one article a day and spends hours trying to get the SEO (keywords and links etc) exactly right.

I know that some people may have gone to university, or learned through years of experience, and they may know what they are talking about, but for the average article writer, SEO is not as important as simply writing a ridiculous amount of articles. If you find that your articles are not doing well about any subject, even if it is a totally unique search, then you may want to go back to that article, and boost the amount of keywords, or make relevant links to or from it, but generally, the less you do the better, (which doesn’t apply to the amount of articles you write).

Sometimes trial and error is the best way to get good search results for your articles

I got perhaps the best results I was looking for from the first article I ever wrote, which was the reason why I started writing articles. I managed to get on the first page straight away for my first article, and this was perhaps the reason why I decided to keep writing articles, because I saw that if I wanted to get my point across to a wide audience of strangers, I could quite easily by writing articles online.

The more I learned about what I was meant to do to get my article on the first page of a Google search, the further away I was from my goal, and the less I was concentrating on what I was actually saying to my readers. You have to write articles because you have something that you enjoy talking about, which you want to share with the world.

If you focus too much on making money, or getting thousands of clicks, you will not enjoy writing as much, because it will be more of a chore than a creative process. My advice is forget about SEO, it is for the birds, and just write articles about the things you are really interested in. Make links to your other articles, but only if they are relevant to what you are saying. For more information on SEO, take a look at my facebook page: Writing for profit.


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