Is Acai Berry Right For You?

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Step One

What is acai berry: It is a small grape like fruit that grows in the South American rain forests. The scientific name for this plant is Euterpe oleracea, and it is commonly known as the Acaí palm. All parts of the plant are used – the stem yields the heart of the palm that can be used in salads. The fruit is eaten both in raw form, and in juices, smoothies, extracts etc. And even the leaves are used to create hats, mats, thatched roofs and baskets.

Step Two What are the proven nutritional benefits: Acai berry contains antioxidants, fibers and heart healthy fats, and provides all the benefits of these. Free radicals are toxic byproducts created by our cells. The antioxidants in Acai berry help neutralize these free radicals and thereby helps prevent diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases and macular degeneration. The fiber in Acai bery helps lower constipation, keeps the digestive track healthy and helps control blood sugar level.

Step Three Can Acai berry help me lose weight?: There is limited research on Acai berry’s weight loss benefit claims, and these have not been proven yet. However, since Acai berry is a fruit containing fiber, it can help in weight loss just like any other fruit by virtue of being filling without containing too many calories. Similarly, just like other fruits, Acai berry can also help lower your blood pressure and give you energy by making your diet healthier. Remember, any fruit will have these benefits. Acai berry may be better than other fruits, but this has not been conclusively proven by research yet.

Step Four Should I buy Acai berry or nutritional supplements that contain it?: Even though there has been no proof that Acai berry can help you lose weight or lower your blood pressure or give you more energy, you may want to get it if you believe that future research will prove these claims. However, remember that there are other, proven ways of achieving these results, and you should perhaps investigate those as well. If you do decide to go with an Acai berry nutritional supplement, make sure you talk to your doctor first to determine if there are any side effects that you should be aware of.

Step Five

Whether you choose to take Acai berry or not for weight loss, lower blood pressure, and more energy, be sure to exercise regularly and eat healthy meals to stay


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