Top Ten Plastic Surgeons in Australia

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There are many things to ask yourself before you commit to a cosmetic procedure such as a nose job, or a breast augmentation, for a start, do you really need the procedure? If it hasn’t been a problem that has made you very unhappy for many years, then the answer is probably no.

Give yourself time to make sure that the procedure you want to get is really important enough to warrant going under the knife. If you are certain you need to see a plastic surgeon, then you need to make sure that the plastic surgeon you pick is truly qualified.

Ask to see their diplomas, make sure they are registered with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, ask to see both positive testimonials, and before and after photos, as well as negative ones. If you are getting a breast reduction, make sure that your plastic surgeon is well experienced in breast reductions, and get a second and third opinion about the best way to perform your operation, if the procedure is in fact necessary.

Your family doctor may be able to refer you to a good plastic surgeon, or if you need a plastic surgery to fix the damage resulting from an accident, a nurse or doctor at a hospital may be a good person to ask about a plastic surgeon well experienced at reconstructive surgery.

You need to pick a plastic surgeon that will give you a thorough psychological examination before agreeing to surgery, or perhaps, you should find a psychologist on your own, just to be sure. Sometimes people have a distorted body image which could cause them to want a totally unnecessary procedure, and a less ethical plastic surgeon might take advantage of that.

Beware a plastic surgeon who offers package deals, of a facelift, tummy tuck and breast augmentation all in the one package, because they are surely more concerned with making money, than the well being of their patients. Make sure your plastic surgeon has been specifically trained in plastic surgery, and is not just an ordinary doctor trying to make money.

Your plastic surgeon should have their own surgical facility, but they should also have privileges to perform procedures in a hospital, as this means that they are subject to the approval of a body of his peers. Make sure your plastic surgeon lays out all of the possible risks of the procedure you plan to have, and answers all of your questions thoroughly.

You will want to know how much time you must take off work, how much pain you will be in, and whether you can expect continued pain and scarring. Plastic surgery does not go well in all cases, and you must know what the risks are for a surgery like a nose job. Take a look at the horror stories on the internet, not to scare you out of a surgery, but to know which doctors to stay away from, and also to be fully aware of the seriousness of a procedure like a facelift.

It is not a walk in the park having your face sliced open and cut apart, and then sowed back together, but if it will truly make you happy, and you can bear the pain, and the risk, then go ahead with your breast augmentation, or facelift, but make sure you know what you are doing, and only consider the cost of a procedure as the final step, after making sure you have checked out your plastic surgeon thoroughly.


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