You Are Born to Win

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Once there lived a lion in a forest that ate many animals. One day all the animals of the forest gathered and discussed to solve this problem. A small rabbit a wonderful idea, he led all the animals to the lion’s den.

“ Your majesty! Said the rabbit, we have a humble request top you. Do not kill us as you like. We will come to you one by one every day for meal. Hereafter you need not search for us or struggle to kill us. This suggestion was pleasing to the lion.

The next day the rabbit himself took the first lead. The lion waited and waited. He becomes furious. He felt hungry. He thought that he was cheated by the animals. He blamed himself for agreeing to their request. The lion started roaring. Being late for two hours, the rabbit came running and panting. He expressed fear and anxiety.

“Your Majesty! I am sorry for being late’’, said rabbit. “While coming here, I was cashed by another loin so long and at last I came here for your meal. He may kill other friends of mine’’.

“Another lion!’’ roared the lion. “Show me that lion; I will kill him at once’’. The rabbit took him to a large well, and he said, “he is hiding in a hole, in the well; if you look into the well, you will see him.

The lion looked into he well and he saw his own image in the water. “yes another lion! I will kill him now’’. He roared and jumped into the water to attack him but he got drowned.

The rabbit stood there with a sigh of relief for a moment. Then he went back and told his friends how he had killed the lion. They all praised him and made him their leader.

One need not be big and strong to win something. But one must use one’s intelligence properly.

God has given you wonderful talents and abilities. Make use of them fully. Remember that failure is part of your life. When there are failures and short comings, life becomes a challenge to win.


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