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We all want to live long and want a good life. A life that is free of diseases and healthy. But most of us don’t do anything to keep us healthy and well. But if we try giving a little effort, a good healthy life is just waiting for us.

Good health is the most important thing in life. But like the other important and good things, it doesn’t come without trying anything. For having a good health you have to disciplined. A good health can give you longer life span and disease free life. This is what you want… don’t you? But if you are doing nothing for your health and living an undisciplined life then you need to change your life style a little, to get back in the track. Remember it’s never too late.

At first, try to change your lifestyle slowly. Don’t think for a drastic change overnight. Many of us do this mistake and lose interest in the midway. So it’s better do it slowly rather than end up like dropout. Better not to do any vigorous exercise or going for a crash diet. This kind of sudden change can harm your health rather do any good.

Yes, exercise is a good way to maintain a good health. By doing exercise you can enhance your energy, builds a good muscle and it also enhances the cardio vascular system. So you need to do some exercise. But don’t blindly follow others or any trend. Do what suits you best. As said earlier many of us get bored and stop doing exercise in the mid way. Mainly because they do not enjoy doing it for a longer period. So choose your workout regime wisely. Think what you like most. What makes you more interested? It is not that you have to go the gym or do a certain kind of workout; there are many physical activities that can help you to maintain a good health. If you enjoy walking or hiking then go for it. If you like to swim then join a swimming class. But if those two are not for you then you can think of aerobics. Aerobic is a great way to keep you fit and healthy. Cycling is a fantastic way to keep you fit. There are lots of alternative that you can think of. What about Yoga? It’s very popular form, that can help you to strengthen your body and mind, lose your weight and makes you more stress free and strong. Another thing you can go for that is Pilates. Pilates is also very popular and especially it’s good for the abdominal. Therefore, as you can see there is no shortage of options, only thing is that you have to choose from one of these. But make sure do what interests you most.

Another important point of keeping a good health is your eating habits. For a healthy life, you need to take healthy food. If you are too obsessed with junk foods then avoid them completely. Over processed foods and packaged frozen foods may save some of your time but certainly damage your health. It’s not a good idea to have those foods as your meal. Start taking nutritious foods. It’s good to have salad in the dinner. Think of fruits instead of ice creams. Make sure that you are consuming enough minerals and vitamins. Drink a lot of water. Try to take fruits that has good amount of vitamin and fibre. Such as watermelon, papaya, orange etc. Make these changes slowly and get habituated of it.  As poor eating habit leads you to a poor health, by doing changes in your diet system you can be a healthier person.

Drinking and smoking never help to improve your health. These two habits slowly kill us. So if you are smoker then leave it immediately. If you are social drinker than it’s okay as long as you are not obsessed with drinking. A few drinks sometimes is not that harmful. But there’s no such a good news for the smokers. If you want a good healthy life then you have to leave this habit of smoking. But believe me, once you quit smoking, you’ll feel the difference. You will find that you are feeling much better and energised.

Good health is a thing that we all need and want. But sadly, we don’t do anything to keep our body in a good shape. But if you change your lifestyle, and give your body what it needs, a healthy future is ahead of you. You’ll have a longer lifespan and more importantly a happier life. So if you are still thinking to have a hamburger for your lunch… think twice… why not go for a salad or may be some fruits?


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