How to be a Good Sales Manager

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As well, in my family I respect my parents who sacrifice their whole life for my education. Of all the people I have met in my life, the person I admire most is my sales manager because he is not only a sympathetic person but also a sociable and devoted boss.

The first characteristic I find in my manager is that he is always a sympathetic person. Fortunately, I have chances to frequently communicate and contact with my boss who is in charge of sales department in Trabac Joint Stock Corporation; consequently, I realize that he always has a sympathetic ear towards his colleagues as well as his employees and gives them a fair margin of error regardless of in what situations he may be. For example, I have mistakenly offered the price to a traditional customer and it was known by my boss. I thought that he would call me to tell me off and make me feel small in front of my colleagues; to my surprise; however, he took time to personally listen to my excuses and give me the constructive feedback on how to try not to repeat the same mistake. Another clear instance is that whenever his employees call in sick to inform that they cannot go to work and ask for some leaves, he is willing to allow them to take days off without any reserve. In fact, the more sympathetic he is the closer and friendlier he is with those who he is in frequent contact.

            In addition to sympathy, my manger also shows his sociability towards those who work and converse with him. It is especially true that in order for him to know well of his employees’ strengths, weaknesses and personal concerns, he occasionally spends time having heart-to-heart and open-minded conversations with his employees. More importantly, I can find that my manager is much more sociable as he professionally deals with a wide range of customers; particularly, he keeps speaking with the soft tone of voice and giving customers his undivided attention so as to gain win-win situations during his business negotiations. In practice, thanks to his sociability, he successfully persuades clients to buy his products and as a result, he considerably brings about the good profits to the company. Frankly speaking, I much appreciate and take the pride in how considerate and easy-going my manager is when he behaves artistically and sociably copes with his staffs and customers.

            Last but not least, together with the two afore-mentioned characteristics, so-called sympathy and sociability, there is a contributive devotement which can be easily found in my boss. It is clear that time is one of the things my manager is devoted to the company. A good example is that he usually works over time to come up with the best ideas and strategies to rise up company sales and yet, I hardly hear or witness a single complaint of his about that. Or even though his customers, at times, call him for meeting but not in the work time, he manages to set aside his time in order to meet up with them for business discussions. One more thing about his devotement is his great efforts which partly contribute to the overall development of the company. There is no doubt that my boss is always diligent of how to study and search out the best ways to do products placement and launch the new lines of products to new markets. After all, my boss sets a good example for me about how to be a really devoted person at work.

            In conclusion, my manager inspires me greatly about his characteristics and behaviors regarding sympathy, sociability and devotement; and thus, needless to say, I have a respectful admiration for him. Actually, to some extent, I feel like to learn from the way my manager behaves and I know for sure that some of these days, I will pick up some of his good points which are really useful and necessary for me in the long run.


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