Review of the movie: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

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I finally got around to watching the movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It wasn’t one of those movies I had really high on my list to go watch but it looked interesting and refreshing enough to be a movie I’d want to watch, especially with Kevin James as the star and Adam Sandler in the back.

To begin, the movie is about Paul Blart, Kevin James, who is a single father who works as a mall cop. He wants to become an actual cop but continually fails not because of his physique or lack of skill but rather because of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar level. The movie sets a decent touching background of Blart’s life and his, almost, continually streak of bad luck. His bland, everyday life comes to a halt when a group of people take over the bank on Black Friday. Blart, who has been soft spoken his whole life, picked on, ridiculed, and led nothing but a bland lifestyle has to finally man up and with a little luck on his side, take down the criminals.

A short summary but that’s basically everything in the movie. I can’t say I was too excited when the movie started but I was pleased with the movie. The movie had a decent story to it and had its moments where I just had to laugh out loud. My critique on the movie was that the movie didn’t have enough of a cast to make it great, storyline didn’t have much depth in it, and for a comedy, I didn’t laugh as much or as hard as I wanted. This is one of those average comedies that you can watch but if you missed it, it wasn’t much of a loss. Of course, I can’t blame it too much with a PG rating, more oriented towards families. It is a great movie for families but if you are in the company of friends or just looking for some great comedy, I would say look elsewhere unless you are a fan of Sandler and James. My overall rating of the movie would be a “C+” That sounds really low but like I said, it is a PG movie.


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