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To empathize for what I have known a bit about this website, I would just list a few key features that you should consider this tool to have a look and make a decision to follow.


The first significant thing I find in this website is how the speakers of the program give the vocabulary guide. At the beginning of each lesson, Jenny and John take turn to give some clear definitions on key vocabulary and then a dialogue between two or three speakers will be followed in order that learners will easily pick up the lessons.


This section is very useful for any learners who love to do some easy dialogues on daily basis since this will help them to consolidate the vocabulary in the lessons for the better.

In addition, this section gives learners a chance to catch up the contextual conversations in real life by practicing these expressions regularly.


The section will help learners in substitute drill which can be found the most important part in any language approach. That is because this enables learners sometimes create dialogue by themselves without depending only on the given lessons and they will inevitably absorb more knowledge on the target language, so-called Chinese.


This part is structured to help learners in practicing listening on their own. By listening to audio, learners will facilitate their understanding over the dialogue and enhance their listening ability. The listening section also assist learners in how to pronounce words correctly and that will make them confident whenever they do conversations with the natives of Chinese.


Exercises will help learners synthesize for what they have critically learned at the start. In the mean while, it checks learner’s understanding how much they get the lessons; if where necessary they will come back and review at important points.

If you are interested in the website, please visit http://www.chinesepod.comand have a free seven-day login; that is quite simple to sign up. All you have to do is to give them an email address, and then a confirmation email will be sent to you. Now everything is confirmed and you have a free access to download all full-featured lessons within seven days.


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