Bullfighting Makes a Little Girl Famous

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When was very young, at the age of ten, Jennie fantastically loved to watch her father fight bulls. Jennie was well aware that bullfighting was not suitable for her because it was a dangerous job. And she also knew that bullfighting was not for any women in her country, Spain. Anything could not prevent her from becoming a professional matador.  She thought sooner or later her dream of a bullfighter would become true; accordingly she made up her mind to practice nights and days with cows at the age of 12.

In reality, her father did not allow her to become a matador since he thought that it was impossible for any Spanish women become bullfighter. His father opposition could not stop Jennie from insisting in bullfighting because she was completely determined to follow her father’s footsteps.

Soon later, her father had to change his mind and give in. He knew that bullfighting was in her blood and finally he gave her the green light to send her to attend at a well-known school of in Spain to learn the ropes of bullfighting. And he became her trainer later on.

Now that she was painstaking in learning, shortly she is a star in her country. As a matter of fact, she is the first and only female to become a matador, she is always in public eye. But things do not always go smoothly. She has been hurt three times by bulls; yet, she never thinks of giving up any more.

Additionally, many people are angry about her participation the sport. Some male matadors decline to share the bullring with her, and she often hears insults from the audience. “When I hear insults from the crowd,” says Jennie, “it makes me try harder. I want these people to eat their words.”


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