Hotdog… Your Favorite Poison

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It has been long been discovered that a preservative and food coloring substance called sodium nitrate is not safe and has been linked to cancer. But how come the BFAD is still allowing the makers of processed meats to use sodium nitrate just the same? These processed meats are bombarded with this toxic sodium nitrate and yet they are openly sold in the market? If the government allows the people to be poisoned little by little just because they could not go against these moneyed businessmen who have done and would do just about anything to prevent the total banning of sodium nitrate, then we consumers must take the final move. Let us stop buying all these processed meats. If nobody will buy then nobody will produce. But how come it is so hard to convince parents to ban hotdogs, bacon, ham and the likes? Why do many people still eat them despite the known risk?

It is a fact that children and adults alike love hotdogs, hams and the likes. Many people know already that hotdogs and all other processed meat are junks but this does not stop them from eating them.  Notwithstanding the fact, those are junks; many people can’t stop eating them.  Many parents are still unmindful and still buying and serving them to their whole family.  This is because they are the easiest to prepare, their children prefers them and many people eat them anyway.  While it is true that many leading brands of processed meats are flavorful why would you still eat and serve them to your children despite the fact that they contain cancerous ingredient?

I wonder if these greedy businessmen are allowing their own families to eat their poisonous products! Of course they know how unhealthy the ingredients of their products are. However, the love of money is the root of all evil so they don’t really mind if they are poisoning their customers for as long as they are laughing their way to the bank. Anyway many people do not know and many others do not mind.

Parents do you know the composition of your child’s favorite food?  What is the secret recipe behind these, long and red hotdogs, or that crispy and tasty bacon?   Let’s take for example these hotdogs which rank first among the favorites of children. Do you that they are made of surplus or rubbish pig parts. Those pig parts that should rather be thrown away for nobody would buy them anyway are being grounded to the finest particles then  mixed with extenders, loaded with flavorful additives, salt, and spices and molded into attractive and savory looking stuff which you call hotdogs. While the level of calories and sodium in hotdogs is so high its nutritional value on the other hand is totally low. You get nothing but sodium and calories from hotdogs  and what is more alarming than anything else is the fact that just like all other processed meat these hotdogs are also bombarded with the deadly sodium nitrate. Of course it will not kill you instantly but it is doing its destructive job little by little.

Parents, your children may not know how unhealthy and how risky hotdogs and other processed meats are for they are too young to understand but you as a parent should know how you are putting their health at risk.  Have you observed the rising number of cancer victims these days? This is mostly because of the foods we eat. We are very fond of easy to prepare foods such as these hotdogs, bacon, ham, salami, pepperoni, meat loaf, and even processed chicken and fish which are all cured by sodium nitrate. Do you like to be willing victims? Do you like to see your children dying soon because of your carefree attitude?

A wise person knows how to discern which is right and which is not and the food we choose is not exempted in this regard.  If you are wise you will choose to serve and eat what is right and only there and then would you and your family live healthy and well.


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