Election Forecast: Dems Will Survive

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The Obama Administration inherited piles of problems from his predecessor. To overcome the crisis that the American nation is experiencing, the president and his democratic allies enacted measures that were designed to give life to the economy. Unfortunately, these laws were not friendly to voters. It was a difficult political decision for the democrats in Congress.

Many political analysts think that Republicans will regain the majorities in both houses of the US Congress. Their forecasts were based on polls conducted by various groups and the results of the recent election primaries. However, I believe that the democrats will retain their majorities this coming November for the following reasons:

a.Dems Fundraising edge over GOP for House Races Grows

The DCCC now has $9.4 million on hand, while the NRCC has $1.6 million, according to the figures sent our way by the DCCC. That’s a healthy $7.7 million cash on hand advantage for the democrats.

b.Republicans are just obstructionist: No New Ideas, No Viable Alternatives

The Republicans are acting as “a party of no”, without a plan of its own to improve the US economy and the life of ordinary Americans.

c.Internal Infighting in the GOP

The Republican Party in the US seems to really have some internal conflicts right now. Namely, between the hardliner leaders and policy makers, and the rest of the party which is somewhat moderate. The tea party groups are shunning away moderates in the GOP establishment.

d.Memory of BUSH administration is still fresh

The memories of the unpopular Republican president are still fresh in the minds of the voters.

I hope that the result of the November Election will bring life and hope to our dying American Nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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