Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/c Helicopters

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When you are shopping, regardless of what the reason may be, you want to get your loved one something they will enjoy. When shopping for a present, it always good to gather a few ideas for presents. When you decide on those presents, you may want some information on each. This can help you to decide what you think your loved one would like. It can also help you to look for deals on saving money, what you want to buy for sure, and it will help you to get in and out of the store.

Remote control toys are very popular toys for children and even adults. This can range from cars to flying objects to robots. It is a lot of fun to sit back and make your toy move with the use of a remote control. With these type of toys, you can race, drive, fly, and walk them on your own.

One remote control toy your loved one may enjoy playing with is the Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters from Air Hogs. This toy can take the fun of remote control helicopters and increase it!

With the Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters from Air Hogs, you can actually have a mid-air battle with your family or friends. You can actually shoot down the helicopter during the battle. In addition, these R/C helicopters from Air Hogs will make actual battle sounds.

When looking for information on this toy, you may want to know how it works. So I will let you in on that right now. First, you and your friend fly both of the helicopters together and put them in battling position. When they are positioned, press the fire button found on the controller. Pressing fire will shoot an infrared beam at the opposing helicopter. The other helicopter will then detect whether or not it has been directly hit by the beam. If it is a direct hit, then it will go down in a tailspin. The first helicopter to receive three direct hits loses power and the battle!

The Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters toy set includes two helicopters with laser targeting, two remote control transmitters, two long life rechargeable batteries, LIPO batteries. The features of this toy include flying, real targeting, and battling sounds.

With the two long Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters from Air Hogs, you and your family and friends can have fun flying and battling together for hours!
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