Bye Bye Cory Spinks

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Last weekend saw a huge show in St Louis, a triple header of World title fights. Although the judging in 2 of them left questions to be answered concerning the judges and Don King the first of the 3 fights never go to the judges and amazingly it was arguably the most popular result amongst those in boxing. The world boxing population let out a giant sigh of relief as long term inactive fight Cory “The Next Generation” Spinks finally lost the IBF Light Middleweight title again. Although it’s not particularly nice to say it, I think it’s fair to say the boxing public will be more than happy if this is this last time Spinks fights.

Although the Spinks name is a great on in boxing, Cory’s father was “Neon” Leon, the former heavyweight world champion who beat Muhammad Ali and his uncle was the “Spinks Jinx” Michael Spinks, a 2 weight world champion, Cory wasn’t a fighter who could match up. A fast fighter though one who often ran backwards through fights making for snooze fests. Whilst daddy Leon was known for his action style, “The Human Tripod” as it was described and Michael was a deadly puncher Cory often used quick hands and movement to win very negative fights. Now aged 32 he could very easily bounce back and get into the ring in a few months, though in recent years he’s bored fans by his inactivity around fights. It was 16 months since Spinks won the IBF Light Middleweight for the 2nd time and in almost 39 months Spinks has fought just 3 times.

The new champion, Cornelius “K-9” Bundrage, is now 37 and had himself been out of action for 14 months before stopping Spinks in the 5th round. Though is well known in some corners fro having fought in the 2nd series of the popular TV show “The Contender”. Although he’s old in years he’s genuinely a young fighter having fought just 35 times for 163 combined rounds.

Hopefully the title will find it’s way into some worthwhile hands. Chatter about a Bundrage v Alfredo “Perro” Angulo fight seems popular, and seems an easy one to market. “Perro” is Spanish for dog whilst K9 (Canine) is also a dog…who’s bite will be worse if they do meet.

Hey HBO there’s your tag “Which Dog Has the Worse Bite?”


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