How to Liberate Ourselves From Temptations


Can anyone say that he has conquered any inducement? Only saints and judicious men can react optimistically for this query. Primarily, we should know what temptation is. Temptation is nothing but urging or stimulating to perform an action, which is an avoidable one, for obtaining some varieties of gratification or satisfaction out of performing such an action. Lot of encouraging effects will pour in our way, when we succeed our temptations. I present you with few points to liberate from temptations.


The significant organs of human bodies are eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin. Bringing these organs under our control is an enormous assignment. Generally, saints and judicious men can only defend against themselves from inducements, after managing these organs. Nevertheless, the general human beings are also necessary to keep these organs under control to certain extent, to lead a normal life. For instance, we must have power over our tongue, when we witness any delicious foodstuff. To facilitate, we ought to take any foodstuff at a reasonable level only or else, we will be in the list of sufferers.


We are supposed to have good contacts. Coming together with bad companions will compel us to develop bad inclinations like smoking, drinking, etc. For instance, it may encourage us to begin the habits of smoking, chewing, drinking, etc. Moreover, any smoker or drinker wishes to quit these lifestyles, he is required to maintain himself away from all bad companions, otherwise, their negative lifestyles will lure him to go on with these lifestyles.


Thinking of God, whenever we get time, this will resist us from all our temptations.


Whatever may be the situation, if we have stubborn mind, no temptation can even touch us.

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