Astrology: Moon in Each Sign

Our mind is governed by the influence of the moon. Interestingly, the position of the moon for each of us is set at our birth. This position is linked to any of the 12 astrological signs. Find out how they design you and your relationships with your family, friends and lovers.

Moon in Capricorn- A person with moon in Capricorn can have a tendency to think way too realistically, for the sign Capricorn itself is a practical sign. He can also have a tendency to come up with goals and work towards them diligently. Even after all this, he can be somewhat quiet and pessimistic. People might just say that he is boring. Despite this, it is important to mention that it is not easy for a Capricorn moon to get angry easily because the sign is very stable, calm and peaceful in nature. Thus, a person with moon in Capricorn feels steady love for one specific person.

Moon in Aquarius- A person with moon in Aquarius can seem very aloof. It is not easy to pin down what he is thinking, for his thoughts can be somewhat scattered. Yet there is an inner need for him to know all that fascinates him, for he thirsts after knowledge. A person with moon in Aquarius is best suited to be a scientist or entrepreneur, for he can quickly brainstorm ideas to just invent or innovate anything. However, in love life, caution is necessary. A person with moon in Aquarius can have a tendency to talk too honestly in a calm way which might not be something favorable for lovers.

Moon in Pisces- A person with moon in Pisces is psychic by nature. He can read minds, yet might not be able to always make the best choices in life, for the Pisces moon mixes dream and real world to create illusion. A Pisces moon can also make a person very polite with a mixture of sensitivity. Yes, the person carrying it can be friendly, but he can easily get hurt even because of a tiny reason. Unfortunately, a Pisces moon can have a tendency to go with the flow for which he can end up liking two or more people at the same time.

Moon in Aries- This is by far one of the scariest moon sign. Aries is all about war. Same happens in the moon. A person carrying it, therefore, can come off as angry and egocentric. Instability in relationships can happen often, for moon in Aries always likes a good argument even when it is not needed! But he can be a good help at the time of crisis.

Moon in Taurus- When a person’s moon is in Taurus his mind appreciates beauty, love and kindness. As a matter of fact, if we dissect a moon in Taurus mind we would find a nice teddy bear sitting with roses and chocolates. Yes, a Taurus moon wants to be just in love. His heart is filled with softness and he simply does not know how to hurt someone. He is also very patient and tolerant for which he makes a faithful sweet lover.

Moon in Gemini- A moon in Gemini mind is both logical and emotional. Sometimes these two incompatible elements can actually trap a person to believe that he does not know what he wants in life. Guided by the twins, he can sometimes be completely faithful and other times entirely unfaithful. Despite this, he finds it difficult to physically break away from a relationship and friendship.  

Moon in Cancer- This moon placement is the best because Cancer itself is ruled by the moon. Moon in Cancer is all about caring and being possessive. That is, emotions rule the heart. Yet the person with this placement can go inside his shell when he is attacked. It is just that just like a crab he is saving himself from getting hurt. If you wish to be his lover simply give him plenty of love and you will find him taking his body out of his shell.

Moon in Leo- A person with moon in Leo usually seeks attention both in friends circle and relationships. Especially in men this intention is so strong that if they see another person is becoming the center of attention they can grow acute jealousy towards him. A moon in Leo person is usually very faithful and tolerant, but can show fierce temper and even hold grudge if he is hurt brutally.

Moon in Virgo- This placement makes a person too critical of everything around him. He is not always easy to please. However, things perfect make him breathe happily and thus he can use his ability to be mutable to fit the situation. A moon in Virgo person has a tendency to be forgetful, but can be that one lover who gets too attached to a relationship.

Moon in Libra- Libra moon creates an outgoing personality. A moon in Libra person seeks connections. He is usually very polite and shows good etiquette. He can be a good lover because his mind is governed by romance blessed by the planet Venus. But he might find it hard to commit to just one person because he is also indecisive and gets influenced by the moments. What this means is that if a female embarks on flirting with him he might simply choose flirt with her back. And when he sees so much affection coming from other women he might find committed relationship useless.

Moon in Scorpio- This placement influences a person to be sensual, passionate and dedicated. Scorpio is a fixed sign which means it likes moments to stay as they are. In moon it is the same. Unfortunately, things cannot always stay fixed. But Scorpio moon does not understand it. Consequently, a person with this placement holds many negative feelings along with an aim to seek revenge.

Moon in Sagittarius- This placement make a person energetic in everything he does as long as it has link to his wish or ambition. But if reverse is the reality then there is little change to make him work. A moon in Sagittarius person does not commit to something he does not like because he likes to be free-spirited and wishes to do anything that pleasures him. 

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