Things to Know Before Using Formspring

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Matty Zaretsky


Things to Know Before Using Formspring

The past 5 years can arguably be named “the age of social networking”. It started with Myspace, which was founded in 2003. Myspace was the first blimp on the radar screen and was a web hit. A few years later, someone expanded the idea of Myspace into a network called Facebook which was established in 2004 in order to help college students better acquaint themselves with each other and break the ice. Today, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks existing, making it easy to connect with people you have not seen since grade school and so on and so forth. However, this article is not about the big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace nor is it as vile as Chat Roulette and Omegle. This article is on a new but lesser known social site known as Formspring.

Formspring became a hit to the internet world in 2010. Many people, mostly teens, were attracted to the site out of pure curiosity, a curiosity of what the site was, a curiosity of what people truly thought of them, or simply a curiosity as to wether people took interest in the person’s life.

Formspring works in a very simple manner. You make an account by choosing a username and a verification message will be emailed to you. Then you connect it to other social sites you belong to such as Twitter or Facebook. Then you can direct people to your formspring page from facebook. Asking questions is even simpler. You go on someone’s page (you dont even need an account) and type your question in the blank space and click “send”.

As simple and fun this site may seem it is very dangerous. Many people, for sheer entertainment, write harmful things about the person in the question box. These can range from “You are so fat and ugly” to “You have no friends and I am going to beat you up” and many more derogatory statements with many explicatives. Formspring is sickly entertaining. The account holder gets to know how people perceive him or her. It is a guilty pleasure.

If you are going to make a formspring account via, please remember the following…

1: Dont give out personal info to question askers. Anonymous people who say they are your friend Sally from across the street are likely lying. On formspring give no personal info out to anyone!

2: Do not fight. Dont argue with people on formspring, even if they say things that makes steam come through your ears. I say this because in the heat of anger, you are likely to say something that might get you in trouble such as “i am going to murder you”. Trust me. Just dont argue.

3: Know what you are getting yourself into. Sure you can adjust the settings so you cannot get questions from anonymous people but that destroys the point of the site because it is about asking people questions that you dont know well enough to ask in person. You should know that although formspring is entertaining, you are digging your self in a deep hole by making one and also increasing the likelihood of receiving vile, hurtful, and discriminate remarks.

Please remember to remember these three key rules if you make a formspring and be smart, careful, and thick skinned. Trust me, to get through the idiotic yet sometimes comical questions and statements you will need to be!


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