Astrology: Planets And Your Personality

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Many people dismiss astrology as drivel. Their argument is that having only 12 signs means that there are only 12 types of people on this planet. Unfortunately, this statement is based on ignorance. Astrology is just more than 12 signs. As a matter of fact, every part of our personality is governed by different planets. In this article, they will be defined. It is very important to have idea about them because they form the anatomy of our minds.

Sun: This is the major aspect of one’s personality. Its placement in a sign during your birth time reveals how you express yourself to the outer world. Finding sun sign is the easiest because it takes into account only the month. Interesting point to be noted is that it is possible to have two signs in the sun. If that becomes the case then a person carrying them can show both of their characteristics in his personality. In this case, he is known as the cusp.

Moon: Moon governs the mind. That is, it looks after how you behave internally about the outside world. Changes in emotions, thinking, recalling, fantasizing, psychic ability, acquired habits, and so on are all work of the sign that falls in moon during your birth time.

Venus: This planet deals with viewpoint and habit related to creativity, friendship, love and relationship. It allows the moon sign to understand what friendship and relationship are important to you. In details, it creates a list of what you need in a human and then sends them down to the moon sign. In turn moon sign uses them to create a strategy to attract a potential mate or simply wait for them to approach. Your interest in creativity is also governed by the Venus. Additionally, your feelings of love and how you behave with a mate in a friendship or relationship are work of the planet Venus linked to a certain sign during your birth time.

Mars: Many astrologists like to say that the Mars along with its sign decides the viewpoint on sex. But in reality Mars is more than that. It defines the energy that you have inside to take an action needed in a certain situation. Additionally, it processes elements taken in by the moon sign and creates your overall viewpoint about the world.


Mercury: This planet defines how you communicate with the world. That is, the way you talk, the information you express, your writing style and what you write are the work of the sign that falls in Mercury during your birth time. Interestingly, Mercury sign also does partial job in thinking process. That is, while moon sign is busy dealing with information inside, Mercury decides how much of it should be brought to the surface and in what way.

Jupiter: This planet defines the format of knowledge that you prefer to use in life. That is why, if you feel confused about your goal make an effort to analyze your Jupiter sign. This will allow you understand your learning style and thus you will be able to find the major or career that best suits you.

Saturn: This is the planet that gives life lesson. The sign in it creates obstacles with its characteristics and tells you to overcome them with your might. Mainly because of this, Saturn is connected to your maturity level. That is, the more you overcome obstacles the more responsible you become.

Uranus: This planet in your chart defines your critical thinking ability. The sign present in it helps you think gray instead of black and white. So you learn to question as to what is good and bad, whether the news you heard on the radio is credible and so on. Overall, this is one planet that helps you manage your situations, make changes or try something new.

Neptune: This planet deals with your ability to structure your dreams. It lets you program how you picture everything inside your mind. In short, it helps you come up with fictional stories, a new art or any other creative projects. If the sign in this planet is positive you might use it to embark on a career of fine arts or theater.

Pluto: Pluto is the planet of transformation. Some astrologers like to link this planet with death. Do not be worried. It does not have anything to do with the death of a human. Basically, its meaning is change. Therefore, Pluto decides how you would react to major changes that take place in your life. In short, it deals with your anger, frustration, tolerance and so on. 

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