Inception – Leonardio Dicaprio Impresses Once Again

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Leonardo DiCaprio plays an extractor by the name of Dom Cobb, a person with the skill of stealing secrets from people’s subconcious minds while they dream. This secretive, not exactly legal career has led him away as a fugitive, leaving him wishing he could only return to his children and home. Cobb is offered an opportunity to go home, but he  must do the unthinkable – inception, which requires not the stealing of an idea, but the plantation of one, in the dreamer’s subconscious mind. The movie spins into a dream-like adventure, with his team running against time, their lives, and an enemy only Cobb can fight.

Inception was a movie I wasn’t going to miss, and let me tell you – I was not disappointed! I have found that Leonardo DiCaprio is quite the impressive actor and have enjoyed every movie he has starred in. I won’t digress though – pros and cons are always present.

CONS: The movie starts out a little confusing, jumping straight into the action of the different “layers” of dreaming. If you’re going to watch this, be sure to go fully alert! I’d say this is the negative aspect of the movie. After a few minutes though you’ll find it makes sense, and as the movie unfolds it gets better. Because it is a little confusing, it’ll seem a bit slow at first as well – but be patient! Soon it all comes together. Throughout the movie it seems as though Ellen Page and DiCaprio might have a little something going on, but if you’re looking for action-romance, Inception isn’t the one for you.

PROS: The The originality of the plot of the movie is what makes it so brilliant; it is creative, captivating, and downright interesting. Some of the best aspects of the movie are the effects, the acting, and of course the action. I don’t want to ruin the movie by describing the fantastic effects, but let’s say if any movie should have been in 3D, it should have been this one (not Step Up 3).  With Cillian Murphy and Leonardo DiCaprio on the same screen, the acting was brilliant. DiCaprio never fails to impress, and Murphy plays a not-so-evil character which is different and well done. Ellen Page plays a good role as well, her chemistry with DiCaprio making the movie that much better. As for the action, there are plenty of guns and shooting scenes, but not unnecessarily; Inception mixes drama and action perfectly.

There wasn’t a moment during the movie that I didn’t want to know what would happen next! If this review interests you, go watch Inception – I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.


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