Baby Birthday: Time To Celebrate!

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A birthday is a very special day in someone’s life. It marks the wonderful occasion of when we entered the world! This day is very imporant in a baby or small child’s life as well, as it shows how they are growing up! If you have a baby who has a birthday coming up, then you may want to celebrate by throwing a birthday party! To help you out with celebrating your precious baby’s special day, here are some tips for throwing a baby bash!

First tip, come up with a baby birthday theme! You can do something that is of interest to your baby. Or you can do something that is just too cute and fun to pass up! Themes can include carnivals, cartoon characters, super heroes, insects, animals, and more! Then you can think of various games, food, and such to go with the theme. For an animal party, you can serve animal cookies. For a carnival party, you can play ring-toss. You can come up with ideas for almost any theme to make everything match up!

The age of the baby will depend on what exactly you do at this baby bash in terms of party themes. For babies, they may spend most of the party on your lap or in their highchair, bouncer, or walker. However, you can still figure out what they like or have the birthday match the theme you had at the baby shower. For toddlers and school-age children, they can help to pick out the theme, and you can find different ways to entertain the children. Entertainment can be shown in the forms of clowns or magicians (if the children are not afraid of them), party games, and goody bags. If there are children at a party for a one year old, then you may still want to come up with a few entertainment ideas for them, even if your one year old doesn’t do much participating.

Now that you have picked a party theme, you will need to send out the invites to all of your guests. The invite can be done on the internet through email, through snail mail, or verbal conversation. If you are inviting them through email or snail mail, then you can come up with something that matches your baby’s party theme. You can invite family and friends that are close with you and the baby. Don’t forget to remind them that their children are also invited to the party!

Of course, you will want to serve food at this baby birthday party. If children are coming, or if your baby is old enough to decide what food they like, then you may want to serve something they would like. This can include hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizza. You can also serve finger food, such as chicken tenders. Snacks can include chips, pretzels, fruit and vegetables, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and more. Drinks can include juice, iced tea, soda, and water. You can find food that both the children and adults will enjoy. Don’t forget the birthday cake, which can simply say “Happy Birthday, (Child’s Name)!” on it, or it can have graphics or cake toppings to match the theme song.

Once the baby birthday bash is over, it will be clean up time. Not exactly a fun task to complete, but it is one that must be done. Here are a few tips to help you out with cleaning up after the party. If there is a lot of food left with limited room in your refrigerator, you can let some of the guests take it home with them. If there are any huge gift bags from the baby’s birthday presents, see how many gifts you can pile into the bag until you go through it once more and decide where it goes. You can also have a box, bag, or sack on hand for storing their presents for the time being. Have a trash bag or large trash can out during the party for the guests to throw their trash in, so there is less for you to clean up later. You should also have a trash bag out as the baby iso opening his or her presents, so that you can throw the wrapping paper, tissue paper, and such away as you go. If there are any balloons left over, you can ask the parents if they would allow their children to take one or two of them home. You can also nicely ask a few family members or friends to help clean up. There are people who would be helpful with getting everything cleaned up after a party.

These baby bash tips can help your baby’s birthday party to go by smoothly before, during, and afterwards! You can even try to come up with more ideas ahead of time. The more planning and thinking ahead you do, the easier it can become. Then when it is party time, you can focus on having fun and your baby bash will be a lot of fun for your baby or child and all of their guests!
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