Drunk People In Helsinki Finland

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Finnish Alcoholics

Finland has got a lot of alcoholics. Most of them live in the Helsinki region. Most of them are really poor, but some are wealthy people who have started to drink alcohol. Finnish Social Services Department to give them money if they have the money end, alcoholism is really easy to Finland! Cash at the end, they run the social agency to get more money. And this is all out of good citizens who pay really high taxes. Finland has a famously really high taxes, so that all could be well in Finland. Finland is of course a really nice place to live otherwise. But in this case should put more effort in my opinion … I added a funny pictures of Finnish alcoholics.

This man has clearly begun to put to sleep during the day, so he has fallen asleep in the middle road. (I think the alcohol to be responsible for this) Then, as soon as the ambulance came and took him to the hospital, then he was as good as new again and went to the social agency to seek more money and again to drink alcohol. Basic Finnish man!

This man was in a local bar and drinking alcohol. In Finland is known to be really nice summer weather. So what would be a better place to fall asleep to the lawn where the dogs are doing things every day. Basic Finnish man!

I was watching a football match until this guy came beside me something to explain. We had actually really fun even though I did not understand even half of what he was said. He is a hard football fan and his favorite football country was Italian. I wasnt interested to ask why. The downside was the smell chilling with him. I asked him why that alcoholics do not use the shower? He replied that they had a competition last week, who smells worst is the hardest man. He won competition…


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