Online Dating: Perils And Appeal

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Online dating has evolved from a novel idea to a glaring reality. Web-based dating services are virtual communities where people of diverse geographic, cultural, and social backgrounds interact.

So far, there are numerous sites of this nature throughout the web. Some of the most well-known and used are American Singles, Beautiful People, Match, Yahoo Personals, Friend finder, and several others. Each has its own distinct feature that attracts a multitude of members hoping to find romance online.

While there is no denying the tremendous appeal of online dating for millions of people, it is also a well-acknowledged fact that this modern dating convenience has a few negative aspects that prospective online Romeos and Juliet should be aware of.

Let us start with the attractions.

Online dating is quick and easy.

Modern Internet technology makes it extremely convenient for people from every corner of the world to communicate through chats, emails, conferences, and such. Gone are the days of pen pals and post office trips (or running to the mailbox) to fetch snail mail from would be suitors. Even when it comes to romance, people seem to be obsessed about saving time.

Moreover, one can also gather plenty of information about potential partners through online dating services before he or she decides to move further into an actual relationship. This saves not only time but also prevents the very real risk of being rejected or having to reject someone that turns out be not to one’s liking. Perhaps this is the single biggest appeal of online dating.

Dating online is cheap or free.

For the number of potential friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or marriage partners that one can possibly meet online through Internet dating services, the cost of maintaining an Internet connection would appear to be negligible compared to what would otherwise have to be spent for this opportunity without the benefit of online dating services.

Meeting strangers online then getting to know them offline is increasingly becoming safer.

Due to several unpleasant occurrences in the past involving online dating services, these Internet agencies now make it a point to implement strict security guidelines for their clients such as restrictions on the availability of sensitive or personal information.

Nevertheless, a number of persistent disadvantages still make many people wary of trying out online dating.

People are dishonest.

For many people, internet-dating sites are not serious places for seeking romantic partners. Rather, these virtual singles bars offer delightful opportunities to play pranks on gullible, lovesick site members.

False emotions abound.

Even among dating site members who take their circumstances seriously, many still end up getting disillusioned about relationships. The closeness that seems to come naturally online may vanish within hours after they decide to pursue the relationship away from their keyboards.

Online dating may not be so safe after all

Having mentioned that online dating sites are increasing becoming aware and responsive toward the security aspect of the services they provide, it would still be necessary to acknowledge the continued presence of risks associated with online dating. For one, sexually motivated crimes, identity theft, privacy violations, and such are still very real possibilities in the wilderness of the web and even in the familiarity of physical environments where many online daters eventually decide to pursue their affairs.


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