The Delights Of An Herb Garden

Herbs are easy to grow; they produce pleasant scents; and an herb garden provides an endless source of various tasty complements to your home cooked meals and food products. Some forms of handicrafts may also involve the use of certain herbs, which you can readily get hold of if you have an herb garden.

An herb garden does not demand too much space. In fact, a 200-square feet plot of land will be sufficient. Pruning and weeding do not present problems as long as adequate space among individual herbs within the garden is maintained. Another option is to grow various herbs in separate containers.

There are four particular herbs immortalized in a certain song: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. These herbs also happen to be some of the best choices to grow in your garden. Parsley is a popular garnish for numerous dishes and an almost inseparable addition to salads and pasta. Thyme and rosemary likewise add distinct highlights to meat dishes, and sage makes great stuffing for poultry dishes.

Chives are excellent additions to your herb garden, too. They are similar to green onions in their usefulness in meal preparation. However, they are more long lasting. Chives are commonly used for salads, as well.

Another herb to consider for your increasingly rewarding garden is mint. It is commonly used as tea and it is a flexible garnish. A problem that may arise, though, is mint taking over garden space with its far-reaching and stubborn roots. When planting mint in your herb garden, it is a good idea to provide it with its separate container.

Dill weed is something you can buy cheaply, but if you need a full stalk then you might have to plant it on your own. Thus, including dill in your herb garden is another good option particularly if you are into preserving pickled vegetables.

Yet another herb that is worth considering is tarragon. It is excellent for making sauces and it can be added to vegetables and soup. Of course, like many other herbs, it does well as an ingredient in all sorts of salads and pasta.

Finally, you should not forget to add lavender. Though it is not of much use in the kitchen, lavender has one of the most pleasant scents you will ever enjoy. It is used for making potpourri or simple packs and sachets to be to hang anywhere you wish to have the wonderful scent. These little packets of lavender also make good, simple, much appreciated gifts.

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