The Debt-Free Graduate: Not so Impossible, Thanks to Murray Baker!

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As a new student myself, entering first year in September, I admit I am a little frightened at the idea of leaving the comforts of my personal ATM (mom and dad) to fund myself without fail. It’s all so overwhelming. We’ve got to keep our grades up, manage a job (or two, or three…) and have a social life. For some, that involves more than a few drinks a week. It’s so easy to lose track of the dollars.

The Debt-Free Graduate: How To Survive College or University Without Going Broke – Revised Edition is by far the best investment I`ve made as a student. With a touch of humour, Murray Baker maintains reader interest, which makes it an entertaining yet supremely helpful book, not a boring one which makes me feel guilty with my ways of spending. The book is filled with tips and tricks that are simple and logical, as well as easy to read; lists throughout make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

I found that by the end of reading it, there were so many pages I wanted to keep on hand that only dog-earing could make them easily accessible – the number of mini Post-It notes I would need for bookmarking would be frustrating to deal with! From which part-times jobs are more fit for students, to household remedies for that carpet spill, to how to save when going out on the town, to figuring out income tax, to what you’ll need in the kitchen, The Debt-Free Graduate is definitely a book I will be recommending to every friend of mine entering university in the fall. It covers everything I could possibly think of, and more.


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