Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

All the peoples who are using computers and internet will be aware of Search Engines. Generally when talking about search engines one name comes to mind is Google. Many writers and website owners are unaware of the need to submit articles or websites to search engines. Now also many peoples are wondering about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Search Engine Optimization is used to list websites in the Search Engines. When writing articles for any online publisher. The first thing writer cares about is web traffic. Online writers can earn royalties through number of page views. Millions of peoples are using the search engines everyday to find what they are looking for. When particular article or website listed in the search engines there is greater chance to get more web traffic. More traffic equals more money. For this purpose only many peoples are using Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization can be done with many techniques. Generally two things are vastly considered by most search engines. Search Engines like Google expects lot of back links and consistent web traffic in order to index a particular website or articles.

Back Links

Back Links are the inbound links which are point to our article are websites. Suppose we publish our article or website links in 10 forums then we will get 10 back links. We can create many back links with forum signatures and social networking websites. The higher the number of back links your article or website has higher it is placed in the search engine index.

Web Traffic

Web Traffic is number of peoples accessing our articles or websites. Suppose if a particular article gets 1000 views per day. Search Engines love web traffic. The more the number of web traffic articles or websites will be quickly indexed in the Search Engines.


I will describe the easy techniques for Search Engine Optimization in the next part. I want to tell the viewers to use popular web forums. They are the main source for web traffic and Search Engine Optimization.


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