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While there are several chains that will often offer to buy back your media, they often offer you a lot less than your stuff is truly worth, then resell it for twice what they payed you for it. There are many better places online to sell your goods, even places with free shipping!

The best website I have found for selling DVD’s and the like,, offers free shipping for items valued at over 10 dollars. No other website offers free shipping for this low amount. However, because of the free shipping, they are more selective of what they buy. Some older items will have a “not buying” symbol next to it when looked in the database. Their prices are often lower than other websites, but it is worth it if the shipping costs for those items would have been high. All you need to do for free shipping is submit the order and print out the free shipping label and slap it onto any box you want to ship your stuff in.

The other type of websites that pay for media, like and, offer a shipping credit for shipping your stuff that will be added onto the total value of your items when you are payed. That means the initial cost of sending the items is on you. This shipping credit is also only available once you ship 16 items on more for these sites. It also may not cover the entire shipping cost. The upside is that these sites will never give you a “not buying” sign for items and offer prices up to 50% higher than selldvdsonline. Basically if you are sending a lot of items, the cost of shipping may be overruled by the increased amount of money you will receive by using these sites. Use secondspin for new movies and games and newtownvideo for older movies, games and cd’s. They will pay as much as $30 for newer video games and movies!

Remember to carefully consider which website to use and the pros and cons of each. But most of all, remember that that old pile of cd’s in your closet could be worth some cash, so get selling today for the best prices!


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