If Facebook And Myspace Had a Fight

Theory one:

They will end up making love. Now don’t look at the computer screen with a look of disbelieve, I am being perfectly honest. I really do think this is a theory. Both sites are always trying to prove how much larger their man hood is than the other. So this must mean there holding back some feelings, and secretly they both want each other. Now if this was to happen they would give birth to bebo. I know a demented family tree. Yet bebo really suits the sort of child that is unloved by all, even the parents.

Theory Two:

There will be a massive war that will engulf the world. I know this one is a long shot, seeing as most people would visualize facebook and myspace as two very spotty kids who get A’s in everything apart from PE, life and girls…Yeah I said it, I’m sorry its true. Now the reason I think that this theory could happen is because I’m sure these geek’s are rich and paranoid enough to have enough nukes under there house’s that will make even America cry. I’m also certain that they both have an army of robots. Now if this was to happen I would be happy. I mean geek’s and nerd’s have always said to the people who have bullied them that they will get revenge. I suppose you could call this a sort of judgement day where facebook and myspace are the ‘geekssiahs’ (see what I did there :))

Theory Three:

Tom ends up with a broken nose. I mean come on would you really think that he would win in a fist fight? He may have a lot of friends, but surely that’s just covering up for something else… If this was to happen I can guarantee you that I would sit down and watch with some popcorn.

Theory Four:

Nothing. There would be a few naughty words like ‘willy’ being spoke in harsh whispered tones, while the fanboys are having silent giggles as Tom whispers ‘whispering eye’. Oh and bebo would be on there lonesome, on a see saw (which is crying as it’s seat is being dirtied). I hope this theory never actually happens, it would be the shitist climax ever known to man. And to a man that isn’t really a hard thing to do…

Well what ever happens I wouldn’t worry, they would never have the balls to do anything apart from tell there mums. Wait! Can I see a part two in the works?

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