How to Develope Creativity

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How to Develop Creativity

We are living in a world of innovation. The education and improvement in computer technologies have made us to think. There is some period of time in the past where people thought holding a bachelor degree is a big thing. But now people are forced to learn more and more due to the arrival of technologies and competition. So it is right to say creativity and innovation rules the world today. All the fields such as Information Technology Engineering Building and Construction need innovation and creativity in order to succeed. Many people still wonder about creativity. To explain creativity we can say that doing something different rather than usual. Creativity can be best explained with a real time example.


Assume that a person is working as reporter. He writes everything in the paper and reports to the office. This is how he usually does his business of reporting. But with the advent of technologies he used small recorder to tape the news and sends it to the company. As the day progressed he used his mobile to report the news. Now he uses voice-over internet to file his reporting to the company. This is a nice example for creativity. At first the reporter used pen and paper to report news. It takes time to finish his work. Later he used tape recorder. It reduced the time taken for writing. In the third case he used his mobile to report news. This significantly reduced his traveling time to the company. At last he is using voice-over internet for reporting. It eases his job. Look the traditional methods of reporting news has gained enormous strength with the creative ideas of using tape recorders, mobiles and voice-over internet.

Creative Ideas:

In every field we can able to use creativity. Creativity is nothing but betterment of working condition with the use of new ideas. Every people can be creative. Before going deep into creativity first one needs to ask questions.

(1)   Why we are using or doing this?

(2)   Are there any other methods, ways or strategies available?

(3)   Are there any areas for improvement?

Like this we can ask many questions. The answer will be creativity. To be creative one needs to think out of the box and find all the ways and means. When trying to be creative many people suffer from loss. It happens. Don’t just sit back and think of loss. Come on get up and think something positive and creative to succeed. 


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