Dating a Sagittarius And What to Expect in a Relationship With a Sagittarius Man or Woman

Sun Signs are the tip of the iceberg in astrology; a person’s character is a mix of many factors in their chart. A fun look at Sagittarius and relationships.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

Life is fun with the Sagittarius male. He is so open, honest and straightforward, he leaves no woman guessing. His partners will know exactly where they stand when in his company. If he’s attracted to someone, then he’ll tell her so. Many women find his boyish charm strangely exciting.

He may not be serious about his relationships in a sentimental way, but he knows how to get the best out of them. “Variety is the spice of life” and Sagittarius puts this saying into practice in his relationships too. His attitude may be promiscuous to say the least, but he won’t promise anything he can’t deliver. No woman can say he deceived her.

When he is ready to settle, his lover must also share his many interests. She should also be a good friend.

Dating a Sagittarius Woman

Despite her easy-going charm, the Sagittarius woman is searching for her ideal love. She may never find him but she will enjoy the search. In romance she will be adventurous, creative and experimental. As with all things, she loves variety but a jealous, possessive lover would scare her away.

Sagittarius has a naive vulnerability which brings out the protective instincts in the opposite sex. She tends to attract the wrong types and, emotionally, she bruises very easily. Despite her womanly charms, this woman can be surprisingly stubborn. Especially when her personal freedom is at stake.

Hers is an honest and straightforward love. She won’t go in for wishy-washy displays of affection. Sagittarians have a joy of life and she’ll express this through her love relationships.

How to Woo and Win a Sagittarius Man

Anything of an outdoors nature will appeal to the man born under the sign of the Archer. He will feel caged-in if confined for too long in the one building. He needs space and lots of it.

Travel, sports and adventure sum up this man’s interests. He loves barbecues, beach parties, outdoor fetes and galas. He hates being restricted and that includes areas such as his relationships too. Sagittarians love their animal friends and it may well be the case of “love me, love my dog!”

How to Woo and Win a Sagittarian Woman

She’s game for anything that sounds like it might be fun. This adventurous woman will gladly take up any challenge that pits her wits against another. Sagittarius must be respected for her intelligence and her individuality.

Good food and wine will mellow her, but flowery compliments sound too corny and she’ll say so too! Like her male counterpart, sports and outside interests are the ones she’ll enjoy the most.

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