Dating a Scorpio And What to Expect in a Relationship With a Scorpion

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Sun Signs are the tip of the iceberg in astrology; a person’s character is a mix of all astrological factors in their chart. This is a fun look at Scorpio and relationships.

Dating a Scorpio Man

This is the man who appears in many a woman’s romantic fantasies. The animal magnetism of the Scorpio attracts an abundance of female attention. He is not, however, a man for romantic games.

He has lots of self-control, but under that cool, controlled exterior are some dangerously powerful emotions. Scorpio takes his intimate relationships as seriously as he does all other aspects of his life. He is a jealous lover. As passionate as he can be in his loving, he can also show a more cruel streak if ever there is reason to suspect his partner of being unfaithful.

Dating Scorpio Woman

She has such breathtaking magnetism that all the Scorpio woman has to do is breathe and men come running from all four corners. Her mind however is as sharp as her body is bewitching. She knows just how to make any situation work for her. She can be resourceful in her handling of love.

Scorpio is actually said to be the most sexy sign of the zodiac. But what is also true about the Scorpio is that she will be a devoted, enduring and rewarding lover. She loves with great intensity. When she enters a loving relationship, she does not do so lightly. She’ll choose her partner with care, and he will be the one for life. If she has cause to be jealous, her partner should beware. – Hell has no fury like a Scorpio scorned!

How to Woo and Win a Scorpio Man

He likes his own company but he also likes to be a part of a crowd that he respects and admires. Scorpio does not suffer fools gladly. Haunted houses and shadowy, forbidden places set the scene of many of his dark sensual fantasies. Dare his lady oblige?

He is passionate in romance but he has the supernatural quality of seeming to know where everything is going to lead before it gets there. Nothing takes him by surprise. Not altogether materialistic, he does however, enjoy luxurious surroundings, good food and alcohol. Maybe too much of the latter!

Catch him in the right mood and he’ll humour his girl in her efforts to create the perfect atmosphere for romance. Other times, his mind will be on other concerns and he just won’t want to know!

How to Woo and Win a Scorpio Woman

The sensual Scorpio woman will enjoy glamorous parties with low lights and slow music. She’s intelligent and won’t look outwardly ‘shy’ but she does prefer quiet company and secluded places. It takes more than a few flattering remarks to win her attention. Love is a serious game and if the player isn’t strong enough to control her before she controls him, perhaps he shouldn’t even think about competing.

It’s unlikely she’ll fall submissively at any man’s feet, but when she’s interested in a romantic partnership, she will say so


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