The Kleenex of My Dreams

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Growing up, whenever I or anyone in our family would get sick, we relied on OTC medicines, touch therapy, and aromatherapy. Bottles of carminative and other types of scents and oils were always a part of our medicine cabinet. Our blankets would always smell like menthol and our living room curtains of lavender.

Last week I was stuck in bed for the with a horrible case of the flu. Although the fever has gone down, the cough and cold was still plaguing me. Hearing that I was sick, my sister sent me a box of Kleenex that was eucalyptus-scented. Needless to say, I loved it. It made me feel better. The scent was so soothing to my nose. It made my nasal passage all cool and clear. It was just amazing to me. An absolute God-send delivered by my sister and the makers of Kleenex.

I’m all well now and yesterday I went to the drug store to buy 4 boxes of those heavenly tissues. I plan on giving a box to my parents. I’m sure they will love it as much as I do. I’m keeping two boxes in case any of my friends get sick. That way I can send them a box as well. One box though, I am keeping all to myself.


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