Pain And Suffering – Having Large Breasts is Not Always a Plus

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Pain from wearing an incorrectly sized bra can often be traced to the myth that all bra sizes are the same. That, is all A’s are alike, as are all B’s etc.. For example, some women are under the impression that a size 34C is interchangeable with a 36C, which could not be farther from the truth. Different brands can even have differently sized bras; a size 34C bra in one brand could be just a bit smaller than the same size from a competitive brand, making the problem of back and shoulder pain even more prevalent.

Further, it is not uncommon for women to mistake the bra straps as the actual supporting mechanism. The “foundation” of the bra (the piece with the cups and the hooks) is actually the primary support. The straps exist to raise the breasts, not provide support. Using them for this purpose can cause unnecessary back pain and create grooves in the shoulders.

The solution to all this misery is simple, however: get the bra fitted professionally. Most department stores or lingerie shops will have people that can accurately measure bra size. They can tell you if your bra is riding up too far in the back, thus necessitating a smaller size, or if you should go up a size on account of your breasts being squeezed and bulging out at odd angles. Where to buy bras for large breasted women? A strong recommendation would be to visit Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus if available, where their excellent staff will measure and adjust your bra size as needed for no cost. The stores have a tremendous selection of bras available, but it is not necessary to shop there, even if you received the free bra measurement. Certain stores, such as Victoria’s Secret, should be shied away from, as they tend to focus more on making the sale than accurately measuring your size. Smalller framed women are frequently mismeasured, meaning that you should not accept what a store tells you if it feels uncomfortable or you are unhappy with the fit. Remember, some stores are just trying to make money, but you are there to prevent a sore back and shoulders.



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