Most Popular Chocolate Bar

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What is the most popular chocolate bar? Is it Twix, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Milky Way or Kit Kat? I bet each and everyone of you have your most popular chocolate bar every now and again, right? The most popular chocolate bar in the world is the Snickers. Snickers is made by Mars Incorporated and contains a soft peanut nougat topped with a mix of peanuts and caramel and is then covered with milk chocolate.

Do you ever wonder where the Snickers bar came from? Snickers was created by Mars in 1930 and was named after a horse of the family. The most popular chocolate bar was once named Marathon and sold in the UK and in Ireland. The most popular chocolate bar of all time has been the most popular chocolate bar for all of the 20th century and had annual global sales of over $2 billion in 2007. The most popular chocolate bar has had many complaints with mostly Super Bowl ads. In 2007 there was a commercial where 2 men kissed, and that sparked many arguments. But this is all in the past.

When was the last time you saw a commercial for Snickers? Did it make your mouth water and make you want to run out and get one? Many people have said that whenever they see a snickers on the shelf at a grocery store they can’t resist. That must be why it is the most popular chocolate bar in the world, right? Did you know that Snickers has many variations that have never been sold in the United States and are only sold in other countries. Many of the chocolate bars are bigger, have more peanuts and some that are even named differently.



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