Better Ways to Use You Cell Phone Camera/camcorder to Get Caught in The Act

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                                                Men, women, have you even wanted to know where your significant other, boy/girlfriend was at that specific time. A few years back, you could be at one place and when you get a phone call asking where you were at. You could just tell them that you were at, but that doesn’t mean that you were at that place. ‘Hey, what’s taking so long? You’re late!’ ‘I’ll be there in a minute. I’m a few blocks away.’ In all reality, you were a few miles away. Could you find proof of that? Nope. That was the fault of having a cell phone until today. Now just about every cell phone has either a built in camera, camcorder or both. As much as we all use them to take pictures of family, friends or make a funny video, take advantage of what the technology of a cell phone has to offer. Example One: You are late for you child’s game and your wife is late. You call them to see where they are at. She tells you that she’s just a few blocks away. You tell her to take a picture of where she is at so you can be comfortable that she’s telling the truth. She waits a moment, but realizes that she has no choice so she takes the picture and sends it to you only to find out that she’s still in the house not even ready. An argument brews but at least the truth is out. Example Two: You’re supposed to meet your friend at the mall but you are running late, so you call your friends to see where they are at because you are running late. They tell you that they are at the mall already. So you tell them to take a picture just in case. They’ll clown around and don’t take the picture. That already tells you that they are not even there yet. Example Three: You are supposed to be out with the guys and you get a call from your girlfriend to see where you are at. You tell her that you are hanging with the guys. Your girlfriend tells you to take a picture on the cell because of past trust issues. So you panic, but take the picture anyways. It’s a picture of you in front of the movie theater. But with whom!?! This article is not to stir things up…..Ok, maybe it is but it does solve a lot of problems with people with trust issues. Answers a lot of questions and stuff like that. So, you can love or hate it all you want but it’s time to wake up and finally put that cell phone to good use.

Just for the record, you can find a great cell phone with a camera at any cell phone shop in your area or just get on the computer to fins a cell phone shop online.


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