How to Earn Money by Writing Articles

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Well done, you have found the best article to answer all of your questions and give you some important tips on writing articles to earn money. I have been writing for years for many article publishing websites: Triond, Bukisa, HubPages, eHow, Helium and many more and I am ready to share my experiences with you.

There is some very good news: you do not have to write hundreds of articles a day to earn money. That is the biggest mistake people make. Also writing articles should not seem like work or a dreary chore to make money and finally, if you write articles purely just to make money; you should stop! A true writer, or even just someone who wants to share their knowledge, does not write for money, they write to be recognised and have their opinions heard; and what better way than through the Internet, which billions use everyday! So that is potentially billions of views of YOUR article. YOUR article could basically be famous! Your opinions and views could change the world. Now doesn’t that sound absolutely amazing. Well, if you are reading this article, it should.

Like I said before, or wrote before, you should not need to write hundreds of articles a day. You should only write when you get this buzz that makes you really want to share something with the world; because that is how genius is born. Also, writing articles is a vital way of sharing unbiased opinions and perspectives from all ages, backgrounds and intelligences to world, because you are not influenced by anyone, any company, any website to lie, it is just your honest opinion. Writing should not steal your life away though, you should still spend as much time with family and friends, still work or go to school, college or university, still have a hobby, still play a sport, still have a cup of tea, whatever.

Write unique articles. I used to think what is ‘unique’, I just wants views and money, but honestly, in the long run, uniqueness really pays off, literally! It may take a minute for your article to become popular or even famous, it may take hour, or a day, or a month, or a year, or ten years or a lifetime. But however long, it will one day, and your article will forever be on the Internet and your view will forever be there, even after your dead.

But what is all this talk about sharing and advertising articles. Well, in theory, if your article is unique and good, it will eventually advertise and share itself, because some people, not all people, share your work if they like it on social networking sites, to other websites, write reviews of YOUR article believe it or not, or just talk and recommend your article. Great isn’t it. Your work creating all that!

Don’t get me wrong you still can advertise, its not a crime, but never pay to advertise, use free advertising, which can be just as effective. Submit your article to Google’s Free Submission, use Digg or Stumble-Upon, share on your own social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Bebo etc, or even use physical advertising; give flyer’s, stick up posters (yes it costs a bit of money, not a lot though) and it can be a great way to get out the house and spend time with friends or family (but don’t litter or spam peoples houses or cars, be sensible and considerate)!

We all here about using keywords, well there are just relevant words which people search. Go on Google and type in a letter or word and see what suggestions come up, because they are popular searches. So in your title and in your article use the keywords relevant to your article which people search, for example in mine ‘money, writing, articles, earn’ all keywords. Put the keywords in your description as well. Do you know what ‘tags’ are? Well they are little links which link searches to and from your article, so put lots and lots of tags relating to your article – it can be very vast, use many many words not just what’s in your article, but what your article means.

Make your articles look authentic. You don’t have to have a billionaire website like Google or Youtube to have a catchy logo, so make a logo to put in your work and advertisements.

Writing is not about money, but there is nothing wrong with submitting your articles to article-publishing sites which give you revenue when people click on your article. The best site I found is Triond; mainly because they submit your articles to many individual sites so you earn more recognition. But the question is, how much money do you earn? 1 cent per 5 views (on Triond), doesn’t seem like a lot, but once you hit those big views, cash will pour in. You can also submit your articles to other article-publishing sites (because you own your own work, you can submit it anywhere) such as Bukisa, HubPages, eHow and Helium to multiply earnings.

You can also submit your articles to free-article-publishing sites. A great site is Enzine-Articles. They don’t pay but their pages always seem to show up first on Google. Be daring, go one step further, submit your articles to newspapers and magazines, that would be huge advertising and recognition if they get published there.

Like I said, writings not about money, but use them tips, you will earn recognition and hopefully earn some cash. Remember not many people become rich writing articles Online, but its not impossible however just a little extra cash will be lovely!


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