Saving Water

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How to save water. When you conserve water, it not only helps you save some money on water bills, but it also helps save the environment around you. Here are some tips on how you can save water at home.

In the kitchen/laundry:

  1. Only run a full washer/dishwasher load.

  2. Use the short cycle when you can.

  3. If washing dishes by hand, don’t run water while washing – instead fill the sink half way (washing on one side, rinsing on the other side)

In the bathroom:

  1. Take shorter showers (5-8 minutes), avoid taking long baths.

  2. Check for leaks regularly – toilet, bathroom sink, shower area.

  3. Don’t flush when it’s not necessary (when the water is clear/yellow).

  4. Don’t run water while washing hands, brushing teeth, or shaving (you just need enough water to get it wet, and then rinse).


  1. Let the rain wash your cars.

  2. Turn off automatic sprinklers – especially during rainy season.

  3. Use left over water in drinking water to water plants (Don’t waste drinking water by pouring it in the sink)

  4. Sweep your sidewalk/driveway instead of hosing it down.


  1. Check for leaks – use your water meter. Go two hours without using any water, and then check meters to find out if you have any leaks.

  2. Catch the cold water while waiting for the water to get hot in your showers (use that water to water plants).
  3. If you leave your tap water running, it can waste more than 10 litres of water every minute.
  4. Are there other tips/ways that YOU are doing to save water? Put your comment below!

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