How to Be Happy in Life

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I read my Chinese horoscope. I’m a Rabbit. It said I will have 7 good months and 5 neutral months this year. No bad months. Really? I’m going to go through my whole year without having a bad month? Whoo-hoo! My boyfriend’s said he was going to have 3 bad months. I told him they couldn’t be too bad of months since I wasn’t going to have any bad months. That meant they didn’t have anything to do with me. Maybe they were stressful months at work or something.

Then I went on about my life very happy because I KNEW nothing bad was going to happen. Even when some slightly bad news came my way I knew it would get better because I wasn’t going to have any bad months this year. I was 100% happy from the inside out and nothing could bring me down. Funny how I couldn’t find inner happiness on my own. Funny how I couldn’t just believe my life was great and then go forth and conquer the world. But if some folklore advice shouted out “hey you’re great” it was easier to believe. Even to this day, I know my year is going to be great. I just know it. But how do we get there on our own? How do we get to the point where we can just believe ourselves that things are going to be great and just find happiness within ourselves?

When things start going great it’s easier to believe. Then we can believe it and go with the flow. When we believe that we are happy and that things go our way, it makes us even happier. The key is to get the ball rolling, preferably without a horoscope telling me that it is so. I myself don’t have the answer, but I think I have a good start; love. Love is the answer isn’t it? If not then the Beatles were wrong, all you need is not love. I think they’re right though. If you are one of the few who has found true love then you have the ingredients for happiness. With the United States divorce rate being over 50%, it is only a few who have true love. Everyone else is divorced or weighing the pros and cons of it. If you’re in love with someone who’s in love with you then you know that feeling of yearning and needing and having it reciprocated. That brings upon a feeling of happiness that doesn’t go away. That feeling of happiness breeds more happiness like a two rabbits in love.

If you don’t have anyone to love then that could be the reason you’re not happy. The only way to change that is to love. You need to love before you can be loved. Sometimes someone who you do love doesn’t love you back, and that’s okay. Don’t force that love, instead, love everything and everyone. I know it sounds cheesy, but you need to do it. Perpetual happiness comes from finding love and positivity in everything. You take problems, bad circumstances and mean people and you only concentrate on the good in them. There is something in a bad situation that you can take and grow from. When you’ve found love in a place where you didn’t before, then you know you’ve grown. When you find love and happiness in the things around you, even if they aren’t good things, good energy will radiate off of you and people will be drawn to you. It’s so much easier to love someone who loves life.

So you want my advice? Find what makes you happy in life and do more of it. Find who makes you happy in life and do more of them. Be grateful for everything you have and concentrate on the good in your life. Don’t forget to laugh!


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