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Ever wonder how the top guilds on your server prepare for raids on World of Warcraft? Here are some quick tips as to what you’ll need to do.

Preparing your gear. Ask yourself this – do you have decent gear to get into a certain raid? If not, you may have to farm some by doing regular/heroic dungeons. Make sure to enchant and gem your gear with the correct stats. Always make sure to repair your gear before entering a raid!

Preparing your food. Are you a cook? If so – great! Farm some meat/fish to prepare buff food that give you stats that you need (+agility, +spell power, etc…) If you’re not a cook, you might be able to get some guildies/friends to make some for you if you gather the materials.

Preparing your potions and flasks. If you are like me, and raid for 2-4 hours at a time, you will need to bring enough flasks to last you the duration of the raid. Again, if you are not an alchemist, you’ll need to either buy the herbs from the Auction House, or gather them (if you’re an herbalist) and get someone to make it for you. Pots are a plus in raids – make sure to have some health potions (HP) and mana potions (MP)

Know the Boss strategies! It might be a good idea if you knew the fights. Learn what the Boss abilities are, what you need to do for your class, and tips on how to down a certain boss. A great website to find information on Boss strategies is Bosskillers.

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