Get a Mortgage Loan From a Bank

Choose a bank that offers low interest rate mortgages. Some of your current financial service providers may lend money for buying or refinancing a home. Banks want to extend loans, financial products and services to consumers, as well as small businesses within their community. A bank that provides exceptional service and is in close proximity to your home or place of employment may obtain your request for a mortgage.

Step 1.

Evaluate your banking relationships where you currently have a savings or checking account. Your personal banker can help you obtain a mortgage loan.

Step 2.

Consider getting a mortgage from the credit union that is associated with your employer. Many people utilize banking services and member discounts that offered by credit unions. Some benefits include travel discounts, auto buying services and preferred loan rates.   

Step 3.

Inquire about mortgage programs with the bank that financed your auto loan. Banks that finance auto loans such as GMAC, Chase and Citibank may fund your request for a mortgage loan. 

Step 4. 

Contact the company that insures your home or cars, such as Nationwide Bank or State Farm Bank for a mortgage loan. 

Step 5.

Visit the Bank Rate website to view a list of banks that provide mortgage loans. Choose a bank based on the interest rate and points offered for mortgage loans. 


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