Is a House Always a Home?

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A house is only a home when there is love within – for what then is a house if there is no love?  It becomes, merely bricks and mortar.  It becomes a cold, empty shell, bereft of happiness and any kind of love.  A house only becomes a home when there is warmth, happiness, love and caring behind the front door.

If a husband, wife or child are fearful of entering their house because of the abuse of their partner or parents, then that is not a home.  It becomes a prison, in which terror reigns daily.  No love can seed and grow there because the family is splintered.  And although they may be all living under one roof they are split, and the atmosphere is cold and unloving.

Fear reigns because of the violence behind the closed front door that will be waiting for the husband, wife or child when they arrive back home.  A house can only be a home when there is love all around.  When memories of the past,within that house, are memories of love. A house needs to feel love and happiness, and this it absorbs within its four walls.

A home, is one that is lived in, that is filled with happy memories of the times spent there when you where, perhaps, younger.  A home should be the one place where you feel safe, and find succour.  A home is a place where you can recharge your energy, ready to face the world the next day.

A home is full of love and warmth that pours from its very foundations.  It is very true to say that houses, especially, can soak up the energies of the family living within – whether those energies are loving – or whether they be cold and dark.  And this is the point…that whatever occurs within that house can hold onto those energies. A family moving into the house would be able to pick up on the atmosphere, within the house, for the good or bad.

What occured in the past, within that house, would be seeped into the very fibres of the walls and floors.  It is very true that houses contain all of the energies of everyone who ever lived within them.  And,how often do we say to each other, when we enter a property, how cold and dark it feels – or how warm and loving it feels? 

This is what is meant by certain energies within a house.  The truth of the matter is – as stated above –  is that a house can only become a home when there is great joy, happiness and love behind that front door.  That whenever you enter within, you are met by a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

That a house becomes more than bricks and mortar when you cannot wait to get home to be met by a loving family.  Because that house then becomes your whole world, and glows in the warmth of the family’s happiness and love.

But a house that contains no feelings of love, a house that is cold,dark and bereft of any kind of comfort, can become a negative energy force.  That, whatever may have occured within that house in the past has now left behind a residual negative energy that people really do pick up on.  This dark energy can feed off you, and make you feel ill,and even depressed. This does happen – and often – within all properties.

If there is violence within the family, then that can certainly add to the dark, and foreboding atmosphere.  The house then feels more like a prison, with the walls closing in bit by bit.  In no way would it resemble any kind of home that we may have been used too in the past.  Claustrophobia then sets in, as the house then becomes more like a heavy, choking presence around our necks.  We feel physically ill on having to enter it, simply because there is no love, warmth or feelings of safety within the house, or the family.

So, to sum up, a house can only become a home when you can fill it with happy memories.  When you can fill it with love, when it becomes ‘lived in’ and when warmth and comfort seeps into every nook and cranny within the house itself.  That is when a house, really does become a home.



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