Virtual Classrooms

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The fun of learning is derived not only through books but also the environment that a school provides to its students.

What do we expect to visualize whenever we talk of a school? No doubt classrooms with tables and chairs and a blackboard with chalks is the first thing that comes to our minds. The prayer hall where children from all classes assemble for the morning prayers, the playground where the march past is done while practicing for the Independence Day and Republic Day Celebrations with the Flag post. Facility to play games such as Football and cricket, of course a Library make it a complete school. Can you think of a school without any of these? A virtual classroom is something which is unimaginable at least by the people from the old school of thought. It is a means of education where students and teachers do not physically meet at all. Teaching and learning happens over either a Television or online. Doubts and clarifications too are online.

The student no doubt gains knowledge on the respective subjects being taught and is made very independent but the whole concept of team work will be totally absent.

With all its limitations the Virtual Classroom is the future and we will see more and more schools winding up as there may not be any students in the traditional classroom in the days ahead.


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