Check-In Security Questions at The Airport

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Particularly, today we are talking about some simple questions when you check in your bags because in airport, security is very top important to make sure everyone safe.

            As a matter of fact, a lot of airports especially in America and England, they will ask you some questions about your bags during the check-in process. Sometimes these are on a piece of paper and you must sign something; or they ask you at a check-in counter. There are some key questions here and you should go over them since you need to answer then correctly; if you answer them incorrectly, it could be a little bit trouble or just you get more questions. So now, let’s go over one by one for these questions.

          The first question you might be asked at a check-in counter is “do you have any luggage to check in?” That means you give them your bags; they take care of them and send them on a cart to the airplane; and you do not have to worry about them.

            The second question is “are you aware of the content of your suitcases?” Basically, you must know well what is inside your bags, those are contents. That is because if you carry a bag for somebody and you do not aware of what is inside it, you might get trouble.

            The third question is “did you pack the bags yourself?” This question is to confirm and to make sure that you know everything in your bags. Maybe, somebody packs them but you kind of know what is inside, you pass the second question. This also says that you are responsible for whatever is inside.

            The fourth question is “have you left your bags unattended at all?” This means they are asking you whether you leave your bags while you are near. Let’s take an example, you have a lot of big bags and you have to go to the bathroom, and you ask somebody who is the same plane with you to watch your bags. You have left them and out of your view, you do not know what the person could put something in the bags. In the example, this does not include close family members and friends you are travelling with.

            And the last major question is “do you have any sharp objects such as scissors, in any of your bags?” The question to make sure that you will not take anything as weapon to harm other passengers. For example, little things like a man’s razor to shave with; you can no longer bring those on to the plane. Instead, you must check them in your suitcase that being checked by the airline. They do want them inside the plane but on the bottom of the plane. So sharp objects, something like a sharp point or edge that you can cut with it, knife is an obvious one; but now airlines are a little extra careful and sometimes they take away things that might pose the danger. Consequently, just be careful when you pack in your bags like carry-on bag, suitcase, travel bag, handbag, backpack and the like.

            These are very frequently simple questions being often asked at the security point of any airports. One thing is that it is natural for the check-in staff to say quite quickly these questions because they do question over and over in a day. But if you are in such a case, do not feel embarrassed or shy about asking this person to repeat.


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