Is it Usefull to do Yoga?

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Yoga is not only seen as a spiritual teaching. No, the origin of Yoga is the path of self- improvement and purification.

Modern- Yoga is taught integral, body, mind and soul have to work in Harmony. So the question is, if this is a useful lesson or just nonsense.
Yoga leads to a better movability and also to a good body awareness. These points have a positive effect on your fitness and breathing. The question is, if your main focus points on body related- or on a meditative- character. It is not just the personal preference of each individual which answers this question, no, the various health factors of your body plays the biggest part here.

It has been proved, that Yoga has positive effects on the mental and physical health too.
It doesn’t only helps you, if you have circulatory disturbances and sleep disorders, back- or headache, also it can help to abate depression.

According to findings of a Boston research group, Yoga increases the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain, which are effective against depression.
Since yoga has a calming effect on many people, it can be used to tackle stress symptoms, so that an inner balance can be created. Energy gets stored, and the apperveption gets improved. All this has also a really great effect for your self- confidence.
There is an appropriated form for all people of all ages, which offers the constant user the possibilities to gain a better well-being!

But don’t forget! Yoga is also a sport, that shouldn’t be underestimated. Only an expert can ensure, that the exercises we do, won’t raise the suffering, or the fact, that we could obtain a new symptom.


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